Photo on a Bridge…

“$YNDRM with Apple” Williamsburg Bridge, NYC August 2021. Photo by CS Han

The apple photo is from a series of images captured by the great NYC photographer CS Han. We decided to shoot on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge one cool early morning in August of 2021. The idea was to be shooting on the bridge when there were not many people around. However, we were set back about an hour because I locked my keys in the car. Or at least I thought I did. Turns out I had them all along. I had a lot of bags that day and as a precaution against misplacing them I put them in a bag that I knew would be a safe spot. Except I forgot that I did that in the brain fog of the early morning. In any case, CS Han took some geat photos. The apple was a last second prop that we picked up at a local bodega. I think it is meaningful addition. Green apple could mean knowledge, nourishment or temptation? Or maybe something else…

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